Gtk+4.x and broadway ( and other remote options )

Hi all.

I posting here in response to comments on bug: ( summary: broadway
support likely to be removed from Gtk+4.0 ).

I think it would be a massive pity to drop broadway support from gtk.
It's been a god-send for me and those I work with - it provides the
best remote access to gtk apps and performs way better than vnc. I've
actually been working on an authentication + transparent proxy for
broadway, so multiple users can access multiple apps all via https on
port 443:

I've dabbled in C here and there ( mainly patching minor bugs ). It's
been quite a long time since I used it at all. However I'm interested
in attempting to keep broadway support alive. I currently develop gtk
apps ( every day ) using the Perl bindings. So I'm familiar with it
from an application-developer perspective.

I have no idea how big/complex a task it is I'm talking about. Could
someone please comment on the difficulty of keeping broadway support
working, given the planned gtk+4.x changes. I guess this would be
easier if someone offers to mentor me ( please ) - though I realise we
all have busy lives.

Another option, if the task is too large or difficult for me, is to
either offer a bounty here, or to post a project on something like
freelancer. I also realise that work done via freelancer would
possibly be of questionable quality, and would quite possibly break
with later gtk+ versions again. Any comments on this option?

Another option would be another remote-desktop / remote-app
capability. I've read a little on wayland / weston and RDP. I think
RDP would be a reasonable option, though haven't managed to get it
working yet.

What does everyone think my best options are, and why?


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