RE: Gtk+4.x and broadway ( and other remote options )

Hi Daniel,


The main issue with Broadway is that:


It is considered an experimental GDK backend, and it is not really kept up to date with the developments in GTK-3.x


Specifically what this means is that there isn’t OpenGL support in it (we need OS/platform-level support for OpenGL for creating and switching (making current) OpenGL contexts), which likely needs to be done with WebGL, which most probably needs to be done in the .js file in the broadway subdir in gdk/.  GTK+-4.x is going to switch to GL drawing, at least for the majority of the various components, which makes OpenGL support a requirement.


AFAIK, the backends that have the needed support are x11, Wayland, mir and Windows.


If you know how to do initialize OpenGL in WebGL (ie _javascript_), please let the people know here, as this is what I think is mainly what needed for Broadway to stay.


With blessings, and cheers!


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主旨: Gtk+4.x and broadway ( and other remote options )


Hi all.


I posting here in response to comments on bug: ( summary: broadway

support likely to be removed from Gtk+4.0 ).


I think it would be a massive pity to drop broadway support from gtk.

It's been a god-send for me and those I work with - it provides the

best remote access to gtk apps and performs way better than vnc. I've

actually been working on an authentication + transparent proxy for

broadway, so multiple users can access multiple apps all via https on

port 443:


I've dabbled in C here and there ( mainly patching minor bugs ). It's

been quite a long time since I used it at all. However I'm interested

in attempting to keep broadway support alive. I currently develop gtk

apps ( every day ) using the Perl bindings. So I'm familiar with it

from an application-developer perspective.


I have no idea how big/complex a task it is I'm talking about. Could

someone please comment on the difficulty of keeping broadway support

working, given the planned gtk+4.x changes. I guess this would be

easier if someone offers to mentor me ( please ) - though I realise we

all have busy lives.


Another option, if the task is too large or difficult for me, is to

either offer a bounty here, or to post a project on something like

freelancer. I also realise that work done via freelancer would

possibly be of questionable quality, and would quite possibly break

with later gtk+ versions again. Any comments on this option?


Another option would be another remote-desktop / remote-app

capability. I've read a little on wayland / weston and RDP. I think

RDP would be a reasonable option, though haven't managed to get it

working yet.


What does everyone think my best options are, and why?




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