Re: Don’t make gtk fallen in the windows world

It's not the trouble about pygtk or pygobject,  it does not matter! anything usable is OK!

The real problem is that there is no clear guide about how to make a workable environment on windows and the right way to deploy to end user!

The non official way is neither out of date or not complete! This make the developer escape! 

We need official guideline and umbrella to make GTK and GTK python binding on windows related work possible and upstream!

The more bad part is that the non official way is even close source!  make improve impossible!

2016年12月5日 15:57,"Christoph Reiter" <reiter christoph gmail com>写道:
On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 4:24 AM, Cong Monkey <congzhangzh gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Devs,
>     I am try to find the guidelines how to use pygtk on windows.
>     The real sad part is that I even can not find the official way to
> install, and the other guys advice does not use gtk on windows absolutely!
>      I love gnome, gtk, and Python, when I try to develop a gui app on
> windows, I want to use pygtk which advise instecption base solution!
>      Can anyone try and write a guide for this purpose, and even Is that
> possible?

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