Re: elementary would like to participate :)

On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 8:41 PM, Daniel Foré <daniel elementaryos org> wrote:
Hey Matthias,

I remember speaking to you about it and you had mentioned you would prefer it to be implemented as a stack switcher and note a GTK.notebook. Does that still hold true? I imagine that we could probably take the opportunity to implement something that uses for example revealer to animate tabs and the like. Can you make any technical recommendations before I get someone on the task?

GtkNotebook ... already has tabs, so it doesn't really need a freestanding tabbar implementation. GtkStack does, though. So, I would at least see a tabbar that can easily be used as a stack switcher. Note that we may need some GtkStack extensions to make this work fully - e.g. we will need to have a way to mark stack children as reorderable, closable, or draggable.

From a technical perspective, I think I would like to see this being implemented as a composite widget, using subwidgets for the tabs (similar to GtkStackSwitcher). It may be a bit more challenging to achieve the desired visuals and behavior with a composite, but I think the current notebook tab look is more amenable to it than traditional tabs.

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