Re: atk 'missing symbols' problem since gnome-3-14

Hello John,

I was able to get these symbols from the atk-2.14.0 release tarball from the GNOME FTP, and was able to build atkmm without any problems.

Probably you will need to look at your atk/atk-enum-types.h and atk/atk-enum-types.c-these symbols are indeed annotated in atk-enum-types.h, which is a generated file that is generated by glib-mkenums.h and included in the release tarball during 'make dist'. You can either:

-Re-generate atk-enum-types.h/atk-enum-types.c by deducing the process from atk/ Notice that that rule changed a bit during the last dev cycle because we are using __declspec (dllexport) -Grab the atk-2.14.0 tarball which contains atk-enum-types.h and atk-enum-types.c which the correct decorations -Edi atk-enum-types.h to include config.h before everything else, and put a ATK_AVAILABLE_IN_ALL before the prototypes in atk-enum-types.h

Then re-do your build.  These symbols should be exported then.

Hope this helps, with blessings.

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