atk 'missing symbols' problem since gnome-3-14

Is this a suitable place for flagging up problems with libatk? Do please let me know if it has a dedicated mailing list somewhere. I couldn't find one. In the meantime....

I've been building libatk (with MSVC) for many years. I build from the sources in Git and typically, I synchronize with whichever branch is the current stable branch (until very recently, this was "gnome-3-12" in the case of libatk).

Then (a few days ago) gnome-3-14 got released as the new stable branch. Since then, I can't seem to build it properly with MSVC. Technically, it does actually build - but the following symbols seem to be missing now from the built DLL:-


There may be others too - but those are the immediately obvious ones. Version 2.12 (i.e. gnome-3-12) used to generate a module definition for the linker (which helpfully contained the above symbols) but version 2.14 (gnome-3-14) doesn't use any module definition file AFAICT. And unless I'm missing something, the above symbols have nothing to mark them as dllexport. Nevertheless, they get called from atkmm (and hence, MSVC complains that it can't find them). It's possible that something's gone awry at my end but I just wondered if this is known about? Thanks.


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