Hello every body,
I want tot share with you an idea about gtkfilechooser.

I notice that GtkFilechooser is for displaying the content of tree folders in a particular my idea, it will be good if the developper has the possibility to specify a kind
of xml file describing the hierarchical structure of a folder and use this with a custom file chooser.
Imagine that you have an app on a remote desktop which manage a particular folder subdivise in 
multiple directories, this app can make a xml file describing the hierarchical structure of the folder
that it manages. This app send this xml file to a local(distant) app in which the xml file will be passed
to a filechooser showing (virtualy) the content of this folder in which the user can navigate...the content
view is just a set of icon folder and icon file(video, text etc...) repr├ęsenting each file and each directory
in the folder.
I think that it could be another possibility of Gtkfilechooser...the default will be the support of the local filesystem
while the custom is an xml file...


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