help wanted for implementing GdkGLContext on Windows and MacOS X

hi all;

I posted this on my blog, which is syndacated on Planet GNOME, but I
thought about trying to reach out to more people by using the GTK+
mailing list as well.

GTK+ 3.16 will have OpenGL support out of the box — at least on X11 and Wayland.

if you are using GTK+ 3.x on Windows and/or MacOS X, or if you're
using external libraries like GtkGLExt and GtkGLArea with GTK+ 2.x or
3.x, then I'm asking you to help out with patches and testing the
OpenGL support in the master branch of GTK+. we'd really like to have
OpenGL support working on all the major backends in GDK by the time we
release GTK+ 3.16.0, next February.


[ ] ebassi [ gmail com]

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