Re: Shift-Insert and primary selection

On 28/03/2014 03:38, William Swanson wrote:
Before ctrl+c and ctrl+v were standardized, a lot of old MS-DOS software used ctrl-insert for copy and shift-insert for paste. I'm surprised these old shortcuts are still supported.

Most Windows programs still support them and it's probably a good thing too.! I'm not talking specifically about gtk+ programs but as a long term Windows user, I still find myself surprised at how often ctrl+v fails to work. i.e. ctrl+c does put something onto the clipboard - but ctrl+v fails to retrieve it and I either need to resort to a menu, or to shift+insert. Admittedly, I couldn't claim it happens every day - or even every week - but I regularly find situations where ctrl+v doesn't seem to work for some reason :-(


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