Scrolling: be able to disable the zoom mode


I've filed a bug about the scrolling zoom mode:

Without any response. So I try here on the mailing list. I still use 
GTK+ 3.8 on my desktop because of that.

For me the zoom mode is useful only for taking a precise screenshot...

I copy/paste my comment from bugzilla:

I don't like the scrolling zoom mode, it is not how I use the scrollbar.

When I want to skim through the content to find quickly what I'm searching, I
do that in several steps:

1. click on the scrollbar, and hold the button pressed.
2. look at the content, perhaps reading the section titles.
3. scroll to find the section I want to read.

The problem: during step 2, the scrollbar often goes into zoom mode, so step 3
doesn't work.

The workaround is to directly move the scrollbar just after we click on it, so
the zoom mode is disabled. But this is not convenient.

And for me the zoom mode is useless, if I need to scroll a small distance, I
use the mouse scroll wheel.

I think the zoom mode is not a good idea. It should at least be possible to
disable it.

Best regards,

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