Re: GTK+3 Win32 Bundles : RFC

On Wed, 2013-12-04 at 07:40 +0100, Tarnyko wrote:
Hi folks, 

Just some news on the Win32 - bundle distribution - side. 

 Main URL : 

 The continuous build environment now generates 64-bit bundles.
 The bundle for GTK+ 3.10.x has been generated. 

Many thanks.

I found your INSTRUCTIONS.txt file about this system:
but it mentions some files, such as that do not exist. Maybe
they've been renamed?

I wondered what CentOS packages you installed as a prerequisite, so I
could try to get this working on Ubuntu.

By the way, why is that directory called "z_INSTALL"? Does it mean

Would you like to set up a product so you could accept
patches more easily? Or maybe we should use the "Backend: Win32"
component of GTK+ in This should probably be mentioned
in the .doap file.

murrayc murrayc com

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