Re: GTK+3 Win32 Bundles : RFC

Hi Murray, Murray Cumming writes:
On Wed, 2013-12-04 at 07:40 +0100, Tarnyko wrote:
Hi folks, Just some news on the Win32 - bundle distribution - side.
 Main URL :
 The continuous build environment now generates 64-bit bundles.
The bundle for GTK+ 3.10.x has been generated.
[snip] Many thanks.
I found your INSTRUCTIONS.txt file about this system:
but it mentions some files, such as that do not exist. Maybe
they've been renamed?
I wondered what CentOS packages you installed as a prerequisite, so I
could try to get this working on Ubuntu.

Hmmm, I haven't uploaded these scripts and related RPMs to git, because putting large binary objects there wasn't considered relevant. But you can find them there : nux-v3/ The "MinGW/CentOS6" directory is of particular interest here.
By the way, why is that directory called "z_INSTALL"? Does it mean

Nothing particular. "z_" to be listed at the end, and "INSTALL" because in the first versions, only installation scripts supposed to be run once (no build scripts) were found there.

Would you like to set up a product so you could accept
patches more easily? Or maybe we should use the "Backend: Win32"
component of GTK+ in This should probably be mentioned
in the .doap file.

That would be a good idea. I have hardly time to contribute these days, so having external contributions is of great priority !

murrayc murrayc com


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