Re: Glib cross complilation

narcisse doudieu siewe schreef op vr 01-08-2014 om 16:39 [+0100]:

I need to compile GLib 2.40 for the windows platform on my ubuntu
14.04 so I use the following command: ./configure --host=i586-mingw32
but this fails with the following errors:
checking for i586-mingw32-windres... no
checking for windres... no
configure: error: * Could not find an implementation of windres in
your PATH
I wan to know if I can bypass windres because I notice that it is not
included in the /usr/i586-mingw32msvc/bin folder or if it is possible
to download it
Thank for your help.


The ${host}-windres tool should be part of the binutils package
belonging to the MinGW cross compiler. I don't know how this package is
named on Ubuntu, but on Fedora and OpenSuSE it is part of the
mingw32-binutils package. If it is missing from the Ubuntu
(cross-compiled) binutils package you should get in contact with the
package maintainer.


Erik van Pienbroek

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