Re: Stock Items Deprecation


On 13 September 2013 11:33, Matthew Brush <mbrush codebrainz ca> wrote:

I certainly don't assume that automatically, but when massive deprecations
are made presumably without any prior discussion (at least on any public
GTK+ channels)

discussions these days tend to happen on high bandwidth channels
(hackfest, conferences, public IRC channels), because mailing lists
have proven, time and again, to be poor venues of communication,
especially when it comes to time-sensitive development.

all invested parties should really consider joining the #gtk+ IRC
channel, if you're not there already.

and then feedback is asked for and a number of important
issues are raised and nothing is done about it, or even responding to some
of the issues, just ignoring the thread for 2 months now ... what can be

the thread is not ignored — it just happened to be between GUADEC and
a bunch of people going on holiday. it's still routinely discussed on
IRC, for instance.

Murray has been very good at filing bugs. if there are *concrete*
issues in porting code from the stock system to the named icons, or
from GtkAction/GtkUIManager to GAction/GtkBuilder, then filing bugs
with *actionable items* is the quickest way to get feedback.



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