Re: 'glib/gio/glocalfile.c' no longer compiles with MSVC


On Thu, Sep 12, 2013, at 5:17, John Emmas wrote:
Before I add anything to Fan's bug report (and before visiting IRC) let 
me just create a record here of what I've found this morning - because 
it's definitely a bit baffling and I think it needs some lengthy 

These are some interesting insights.

This probably needs a bit of in-depth thought but I agree with Fan. It 
needs to be fixed with some urgency!!  Depending on time zones I'd be 
happy to collaborate on IRC and I could help with testing if necessary.

I have a new set of patches on the bug that are ready to be reviewed.

If we can avoid having to use GDir entirely based on your analysis, then
I am quite happy for that.

In any case, can we please move discussion and analysis to the bug
report?  It makes it easier for people who try to trace down why we did
what we did and may be helpful for freeze break requests, if it comes
down to that.


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