'glib/gio/glocalfile.c' no longer compiles with MSVC

I just updated libglib from git and discovered that a new function got added to '<glib>/gio/glocalfile.c'. The new function is called g_local_file_measure_size_of_contents() and I think there are a couple of other functions supporting it.

g_local_file_measure_size_of_contents() appears to assume a posix compliant compiler. It calls opendir(), readdir() and closedir() and therefore cannot be compiled with MSVC. Maybe there's a #define somewhere that I haven't noticed or maybe the function isn't yet complete? Similar functions in the same source file use #ifdef G_OS_WIN32 in order to implement alternative functionality for Windows / non-Windows - but this doesn't seem to be done yet for g_local_file_measure_size_of_contents()


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