Re: Several fixes waiting for review/pull


On Oct 12, 2013, at 5:33 PM, Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> wrote:


On 12 October 2013 15:18, Ihar Hrachyshka <ihar hrachyshka gmail com> wrote:
If that's not how you review changes, and you insist on keeping everything in bugzilla, just let me know, 
I'll post the patches there.

thanks for your effort.

we do bug tracking and patch reviews in Bugzilla, so it would be most
helpful if you could file a bug for each issue separately. if you
already have different branches for each issue, you can use git-bz [1]
to make it easy to file bugs and attach patches.

Ok, no problem. I've updated/created bugs for the fixes. Please take a look if you have capacity:

gedit.desktop issue + fix to g_desktop_info_delete:
removed gettext markers:
makefile rule fix:
doc fix:


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