Several fixes waiting for review/pull

Hi all,
today I've spent some time triaging/fixing bugs in glib and pushed the results of my work into my github 
public repo.

The included fixes are:
- gpattern.c: allow to match with non-NULL terminated strings (bug #549275);
- fixed situation when g_desktop_info_can_delete() is FALSE, but g_desktop_info_delete() succeeds;
- fixed desktop-app-info test removing system gedit.desktop (bug #608421);
- removed some redundant translation markers for developers-only messages (bug #569017);
- minor fix for makefile 'make test' rule (fixed incorrect return code handling; make test still fails due to 
missing rules in recursive directories, but that's beyond my change);
- minor update to HACKING doc.

I've ran glib/gio tests with those changes (haven't figured out how to do it right, so used quick-and-dirty 
script which runs every binary for which .test file is generated). The only test which failed for me is 
dbus-appinfo. It just stalls indefinitely, with two forked processes polling with timeout == -1. Though it 
seems that the test hangs with no my changes either (tested it with fresh build), so maybe there's just some 
problem in the tree or on my system.

Could you please pull my changes from the repo, review them and pull them, if no objections arise?

Repo URL: ('hackaton' branch).

If that's not how you review changes, and you insist on keeping everything in bugzilla, just let me know, 
I'll post the patches there.

BTW I can push those changes to the upstream repo once they are approved: I have a GNOME git account at my 

Thanks in advance,

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