Re: Tutorials on writing bindings?

Hi Everyone

Sorry to answer my own post. I didn't get a response so I am guessing either there isn't a comprehensive tutorial on writing bindings or my post was poorly worded.

If I could just get some guidance on where to focus my studying that would be so great.

I didn't want to mention this because it could lead to a severe beating(or email version of it) but I really love Cobol.

There have been some attempts to create bindings but they are not very far along.

Open Cobol compiles to intermediate C and there are many data types that correspond to C. However we cannot define new data types so it is not easy to specify that a value is type gboolean, GtkWindowPosition etc.

Should I try to learn about how GObject Introspection works? It sounds like this is for dynamically typed languages?

Should I try to learn how other statically typed bindings work instead? Do they still use introspection or do they just try to recreate the data types within their own type systems?


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