Re: Tutorials on writing bindings?

You haven't been getting many responses simply because there's no easy tutorial on writing a language binding. It's a hard and difficult process, and requires a significant amount of effort.

Most significant language bindings also contribute to the gobject-introspection project itself because they require things that it doesn't have already.

Some projects have used GObject Introspection for static compilation, but it's really meant for dynamic bindings.

I'd be more than welcome to answer any questions you have about gobject-introspection, and how it fits into your project. Even if I do think you're the slightest bit crazy for wanting to start new projects in COBOL :)

Take any modern Linux system and stare at /usr/share/gir-1.0/. You'll find a bunch of XML files in there describing the interfaces of GTK+.

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 2:43 PM, Patrick <patrick spellingbeewinnars org> wrote:
Hi Everyone

Sorry to answer my own post. I didn't get a response so I am guessing either there isn't a comprehensive tutorial on writing bindings or my post was poorly worded.

If I could just get some guidance on where to focus my studying that would be so great.

I didn't want to mention this because it could lead to a severe beating(or email version of it) but I really love Cobol.

There have been some attempts to create bindings but they are not very far along.

Open Cobol compiles to intermediate C and there are many data types that correspond to C. However we cannot define new data types so it is not easy to specify that a value is type gboolean, GtkWindowPosition etc.

Should I try to learn about how GObject Introspection works? It sounds like this is for dynamically typed languages?

Should I try to learn how other statically typed bindings work instead? Do they still use introspection or do they just try to recreate the data types within their own type systems?

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