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This argument doesn't convince me much. If we want Search in GNOME Shell to be spellchecked, you could always just link to enchant for that. Clutter applications are a bit of an odd case anyways, since Clutter kinda already wants to be GDK 4.0, which only reinforces my argument that this really should be in GDK.

The problem for me is that the only sane way to put this into GIO is to add an extension point and load in the spell checking module at runtime (which pretty much everyone agrees in the thread). The problem with that approach is that one of the reasons cited many moons ago for not having a GPlatform/GDesktop/GLivesBetweenGlibandGtk library is so that we don't have to load a ton of libraries on start.

GDK, on the other hand, already links to the necessary dependencies on Windows and OS X and we'd simply be adding a singular hard dependency on enchant (or reinventing it ourselves), which most distros aren't going to complain about (they already package enchant), most users aren't going to complain about (except the users that hate features; I'm certain we can get some GNOME Haters in on this), and most developers aren't going to complain about (since they're probably already using an Egg'd version of SexySpellEntry or linking their applications to enchant anyways).

It's going to be hard to convince me that this shouldn't live in GDK/GTK+. But I probably don't wear enough merit badges these days to count for much.

(sorry for the resend Christian).

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 9:54 PM, Christian Hergert <christian hergert me> wrote:
On 10/07/2013 09:36 PM, A. Walton wrote:
My only question is why GIO and not GDK? This kind of per-platform API would happily reside in GDK and prevent us from adding even more extension points to GIO. There's really nothing I/Oish about this API (despite GIO already being the home for lost GObjects since there's no GDesktop library between Glib and GTK+), and I can't think of any obvious applications that would want spell checking and not want GTK+.

Is there a good reason for spell checking to be this low in the stack?

There are certainly cases such as Clutter applications that need not rely on Gdk.

Additionally, it could be used for something like Search in GNOME Shell. First run the search text through spell check and search the corpus against all possible suggestions to catch things like "friefox".

-- Christian

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