Re: Spell checking in GIO


On 8 October 2013 05:54, Christian Hergert <christian hergert me> wrote:
On 10/07/2013 09:36 PM, A. Walton wrote:

My only question is why GIO and not GDK? This kind of per-platform API
would happily reside in GDK and prevent us from adding even more extension
points to GIO. There's really nothing I/Oish about this API (despite GIO
already being the home for lost GObjects since there's no GDesktop library
between Glib and GTK+), and I can't think of any obvious applications that
would want spell checking and not want GTK+.

Is there a good reason for spell checking to be this low in the stack?

There are certainly cases such as Clutter applications that need not rely on

and by "Clutter applications" I think you mean GNOME Shell, though
it's not strictly necessary: GNOME Shell already can use GDK and GTK
API, if not widgets.

honestly, I'd see this to be part of GTK only. if we want to do the
usual "basic, generic data structures in GIO; presentation layer in
GTK" split, it'd be equally fine by me.



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