Re: gl_GLIBC21 and charset.alias

On 10/03/2013 04:18 PM, John Ralls wrote:
In , Colin removed 
the call to gl_GLIBC21 from, which breaks the installation of charset.alias because clause in 
glib/libcharset/ which installs it depends upon @GLIBC21@ which is no longer defined.

My inclination is to just remove the condition, since charset.alias gets built anyway; the test only stops 
it being installed. Is there any harm in having charset.alias installed if the system has glibc-2.1 or 
later? If so, is there something to test for that's preferable over the gl_GLIBC21 autoconf macro?

There's a section of with tests specifically for
libcharset, so you can just add it back there instead. (We didn't remove
the call because it's evil or anything, we just removed it because we
thought it wasn't needed any more.)

-- Dan

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