Re: GTK+3 Win32 Bundles : RFC

fanc999 yahoo com tw writes:
Hello Tarnyko,

Hi Fan,

Hmm, the print demo didn't crash for me at least on 3.10.0, when built with Visual Studio. Does it crash for you in 3.10.0? I might try to build git master soon to test that

It worked in 3.8 ; crashing Git version displays 3.11, Don't know for 3.10, I'll test when I manage to build a version.

3.10.0 and later uses lots of symbolic icons, so it might be worthwhile to note that one needs to download the gnome-icon-theme packages (with the -extra and -symbolic) packages and copying everything under gnome in these packges to (rootdir)\share\icons\hicolor

Oh yes, I actually build the icons during the process, but remove them afterwards (so the bundle doesn't get too big). But I think you're right, best keep them here ; it's a debug archive that end-users won't download anyway. Will make sure they'll be there tomorrow.

Thanks though. With blessings.


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