Re: Regarding theWin32/Visual C++ project completion items

於 2013/11/14 01:24, Colin Walters 提到:
My main concern here is about what kinds of additional restrictions this
might add to the files we are using.  For example, would
this script support nested conditionals like:

blah_SOURCES += foo-and-bar.c
In the form of the patch that I posted in bug 711047 (attachment 259242), this is supported. I have enhanced Shixin's scripts a bit to support this. I have quickly tested this under Python 2.7.5 in Windows using this patch by updating the line in
gio_test_filters_conds = {'OS_WIN32': True}
gio_test_filters_conds = {'OS_WIN32': True, 'OS_UNIX': True, 'HAVE_DBUS_DAEMON': True, 'HAVE_DBUS1': True} which indeed added the *NIX and d-bus test programs into the list of programs to build, for example (it's obviously not fully buildable for MSVC, but this is to verify things :) ).

I don't think this should impose any restrictions on the's that are being used at all.
etc.  Basically there will be an ongoing cost of having two independent
programs parsing the same files - we'll have to identify a
subset that works for both.
As Shixin mentioned, this basically reads the various's to get the strings (i.e. source files) based on the conditions that was passed in and to fill them into the MSVC files. These Python 2/3 scripts do nothing more than that.

I used to contain most of the functions that would be shared between projects, and for items that are specific to the GLib package, for references.

-Whether this is a viable approach-i.e. whether Python 2/3 is readily
available on the Linux systems which people use to generate dist
Yes, I think that's fine.
Thanks!  I really appreciate this piece of info.

List: are there other views about the Python situation on the Linux systems?

With blessings, thank you!

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