Re: [E-devel] Announce: Wayland Functional Integration Test Suite

On 22/05/13 14:56, Eoff, Ullysses A wrote:
I wanted to announce that a new open source project called
"wayland-fits" is now available on <>.

The Wayland Functional Integration Test Suite (wayland-fits) is a fully
automated test suite.  Its purpose is to validate the functionality and
integration between Wayland client software and Wayland server
software.  It provides a test framework and test suites for multiple
Wayland-enabled toolkits and the Wayland core.  The test framework
allows tests to emit input events from the bottom of the software stack.
That is, [input system]->server->client->toolkit->test-app.  This
enables full input pipeline validation.  It also includes its own Wayland
test protocol that enables tests to cross-validate client and server

Currently there are tests for Wayland Core and Wayland EFL.  And just
recently, I have started adding tests for Wayland Gtk+ (I'm already
finding several trivial bugs).  There are plans to start adding tests for
Wayland Clutter and Wayland Qt, too.  Also, a server-side
implementation of the wayland-fits protocol is essential for every test
to execute.  Right now, there is only an implementation for Weston
included that supports drm, x11, and headless backends (caution: the
headless backend will only run the software/shm based tests).  It's
absolutely plausible, however, that there will be implementations for
other Wayland compositors that have a plugin architecture, too.

I am currently the maintainer of this project with contributions
coming in from one or two other people on occasion.  I would be
oh-so-grateful to have more contributors from the enthusiastic Wayland
community.  So start sending your patches!  I only develop and
test on Intel hardware and Fedora... so if there are issues on other
hardware/OS flavors, feel free to submit fixes; tested, of course ;-).
There is still a lot of Wayland functionality that is not tested by this suite
and design decisions that could be made...and I could use as much help
as I can get.  If nothing else, I hope it's a useful test suite for those
that use it.  It has already detected many regressions and bugs.

The source repository is on github at:


There is more information in the README about contributing, building,
running, etc...  Also, we can start using the wiki in the github project to
share more info (and such) as needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.  I generally hang out
in the #wayland and #wayland-efl IRC channels on freenode as some of
you already know (nick: uartie).  I am travelling this week so expect a
delayed response.

Oh, and P.S. the project is written in C++ ;-)

We don't test in EFL, we just assume things work.


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