Re: Storage API

On Wed, 2013-05-01 at 16:31 +0200, Bastien Nocera wrote:
serialised Javascript objects to the filesystem isn't really elegant

It isn't, but for what it's worth that's what I do currently:

But this app is basically Tiny Data.  One starts to want SQLite and such
when getting to Medium-Small Data and needing efficient indexing in
process.  Finally on the Large and Big Data sides you're just doing RPC
to some server.

I was wondering whether an API based on HTML5's IndexedDB[1] (and maybe
a GtkTreeModel to display the database contents/filtered results) would
be of interest in GLib.

I don't have any experience with IndexedDB myself; on the surface it
looks nice.

This particular domain though is tricky because a "nice" data binding
API really wants language-specific hooks.  The old pygtk treemodel
binding had some smarts here.    

Don't forget though you always have the ability to write a C library
that does whatever you want (sqlite via C for example), and exports
results to JS.

There's obviously a lot of other stuff in this domain... libgda long
predates introspection, but it claims to have something useful here:

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