Re: New GObject Introspection tutorial

Hi all, thanks for very useful feedback!

Colin, my aim was to start with the simplest possible case, assuming that most readers are more familiar working with executables than libraries.  But your point is good.  I've been thinking now, since I've also just read some of Shaun McCance's thoughts on topic-based help, that I could do the executable page and the library page as independent pages, rather than "steps". An introductory page could then cover the difference of the two approaches, and recommend the library model for new projects.  The first page to introduce a simple introspectable GObject is kept as is. How does that sound? I might have a go and see how it turns out.

Good idea also about comparison with other libraries.

Tristan, thanks for pointing out the missing property docstring, I'll fix that.

Having it on would be great. Frederic, I'll contact you after fixing up per your instructions.

Simon Kågedal Reimer

Den 15 jun 2013 10.44, "Frederic Peters" <fpeters gnome org> skrev:

Hi Simon, Colin,

> > It's written in Mallard; the markup is in a git repository at
> >

Sure; expects some little things:

 / first would be to use the common yelp directory layout (help/C/*.page,
   this will also help when we get to translate the document)

 / second would be to add some markers, as our roots are in autotools,
   the marker to use is a help/ with two lines,
    YELP_HELP_RULES@ and HELP_ID = gobject-introspection-tutorial

 / third would be to get tarballs, but probably the "download master
   as .tar.gz" from gitorious would be enough here

Hope it helps, and that I didn't forget anything important,


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