New GObject Introspection tutorial


I've written a tutorial on how to make a basic multilevel "Hello
World" using GObject Introspection:

It's written in Mallard; the markup is in a git repository at

There's a fine tutorial on this subject at the Gnome Live wiki, but
there were a few things I thought should be different. It uses
Clutter, which I think gets in the way if you're not already familiar
with that library; I couldn't get it to build since my system has
Clutter 1.0 and the tutorial uses 0.8. I also think it's preferable to
show the build steps such as g-ir-scanner instead of using a build
tool (waf) not all readers will be familiar with, and to not rely so
much on git.

So I wrote this as a way of learning for myself. I was also influenced
by a blog post by Miguel de Icaza to add some exercises. :-) Would
love to get all kinds of feedback, on both content and style. I have
some ideas for future expansion, should really cover annotations e.g.
And I need to figure out how to get yelp-build to use a Gnome standard
style sheet that looks nicer on the web.

Simon Kågedal Reimer

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