Re: New GObject Introspection tutorial

Hi Simon, Colin,

It's written in Mallard; the markup is in a git repository at

We should think about adding this kind of thing to the main page somehow.  It'd need someone who knows
how that page works to assist.  Frederic?

Sure; expects some little things:

 / first would be to use the common yelp directory layout (help/C/*.page,
   this will also help when we get to translate the document)

 / second would be to add some markers, as our roots are in autotools,
   the marker to use is a help/ with two lines,
   @YELP_HELP_RULES@ and HELP_ID = gobject-introspection-tutorial

 / third would be to get tarballs, but probably the "download master
   as .tar.gz" from gitorious would be enough here

Hope it helps, and that I didn't forget anything important,


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