Re: Windows 32/64bit downloads and/or bundles for 2.x and 3.x

On 13/06/2013 00:06, Garrett Serack wrote:



I’ll pop into your #hexchat-devel IRC channel tomorrow if you want to chat about it, or need some help getting started with our tools (we’re still a bit behind on docs)


Hi Garrett and Arnav,

I'm the lead Windows developer for Harrison's "Mixbus" DAW:-

I'm based in the UK so I'm typically about 6 hours ahead of the rest of my team who are mostly US based.  If I get a chance I'll join you on hexchat-devel but the earliest I could manage it would be around mid-day (CST).  Not a problem if you're already done by then but it'd be great to meet up.

Mixbus is also built using MSVC although we're still running VS2005.  There's no particular policy about sticking with that.  It's just been very reliable and hasn't caused us any problems.

Anyway, hopefully see you both later.

John Emmas

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