Filechooser bug day/weekend/week/month idea wiki page

Hi all,

I have updated the wiki
page to contain a draft for the
filechooser bug fix month. I have added some links for the current
categories, and added the whiteboard tags to the bugs that I had
already sorted in the LibreOffice documents. There is also a link to
show all uncategorised bugs. For anyone that wishes to help feel free
to create a new category if you thin its needed, but dont forget to
add it to the unsorted bugs list query.

Note: I haven't yet
created the windows tags, but something like
filechooser-windows-testing-needed, filechooser-windows-fix-needed,
filechooser-windows-design-needed would probably be good if somebody
wanted to do that for the current list.  Similar tags could also be created for
the Mac bugs.

Note 2: I have left the old content on the wiki for now. Not sure if you wanted to keep any of it Federico?


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