Re: API or command to know the bookmark file name and location

There's no api or commandline tool to find the file.
There _is_ of course an api to add an item to the recent files:
You could simply use that in your application.


I am not able to understand how adding to recent files going to help me. Do you mean calling gtk_recent_manager_add_item will add a bookmark entry in the nautilus file manager? Could you please elaborate? My purpose is specifically to add Folders to the nautilus bookmarks. How is the API  gtk_recent_manager_add_item helping me here. According to applications can set or get access to recent manager database/information. Even to add or delete an item to/from the bookmarks I need to know its location. Or is there a way to simply add/delete bookmarks without even knowing where the bookmarks file is located?

Second question: The above question is to do it pragmatically(API). Is there any command to add and/or remove bookmarks without even knowing where the bookmarks file is located. I need these to be called in my pre-install and post-remove scripts of my debian package.

Third question: I have read that editing bookmarks file using normal editors is not recommended as it might be being used by other GTK applications, so editing must always be done as part of gtk_main. So if I have to add/delete from my pre-install, post-remove scripts what is the recommended way?

Thanks in advance.

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