Re: Patch submitted, but no reviews


On 13 January 2013 11:36, Kevin Connor Arpe <kevinarpe gmail com> wrote:
> I am relatively new to this project.  On 26 Dec 2012, I submitted a (mostly)
> documentation patch, but I have seen no reviews/comments.
> What is the normal process?

the process is simply to poke somebody, either here or on IRC. :-)

documentation patches are very much welcome and usually quickly
reviewed, but you were just unlucky to hit the holidays period with

I did a review right now; looking forward to an updated patch from
you, so we can get this merged before 3.8.

> For this "bug" (patch), I simply created, but did not announce on this
> mailing list.  Should I announce in the future?

GTK developers are usually subscribed to the bug mail, but you may
want to use this list or IRC (#gtk+ channel on if a
patch goes by for too long without any traffic. please, remember that
GTK+ is a big project with lots of open bugs, and the bug mail can
pile up a bit, so don't be discouraged if nothing happens for a while.


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