Re: Touch selections

Hey Matthias,

On vie, 2013-01-11 at 16:25 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Thats pretty awesome, Carlos.
> Here are some observations from very briefly playing with the branch:
> - Something goes wrong with focus. After I interacted with the popup
> in the main gtk-demo window, the entry example windows don't get focus
> anymore

Doh, right. The overriding of GtkWindow::type was crack, now it works

> - The paste button is mainly useful when there is no selection - is
> there a way to trigger the popup without selecting something ? I don't
> have a touch device here, so maybe I'm missing a long press trick, or
> something...

That's the thing I was most unsure about the selections whiteboard, it
indicates on the "insertion" section that pastes in that case rely on
OSK features, but that is missing on one hand, and on the other feels
weird to have two ways to do the same depending on the situation.

In the branch, now the window pops up too on insertion mode after 1s, it
feels nice and non-intrusive enough, as dragging the handle or typing
makes it disappear again.


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