Re: Function completion for GVariant maybe types?

Perhaps here (at step 3) is where you should pursue a different method,

Which approaches would you like to suggest?

since the immutable GVariant all by itself is clearly not suitable for your purpose

I agree to this view partly because I consider also further dependencies on my
preferred abstraction level of dedicated (C++) classes.

(and convincing glib maintainers to make it mutable is not going to work, ...

Please be a bit more careful with your interpretation of my intention.

The affected APIs can be kept with the immutable object style. I suggest "only"
to extend the existing GVariant interface.

I imagine that I would need an additional function "g_variant_get_child_type"
for my function draft "g_variant_new_nothing_from_type". It seems that I do not
understand the implementation of the function "g_variant_get_child_value" good
enough so far to derive a different one for my needs.

I would appreciate your support and further clarifications.


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