Re: Function completion for GVariant maybe types?

Ryan and I have explained several times why we don't think the semantics
you requested are useful to have in GLib.

I replied to your concerns. I was missing a bit more feedback in the meantime.
Now I hope that our small discussion can be continued in constructive ways.

"I want to reset a variant variable" is not the explanation
he asked for. The explanation we want might look more like "I want
to use variants as values in a database, where 'maybe x' is a possible
column type".

I would appreciate the requested functionality also for such an use case. I need it for concrete adjustments in applications like a partition manager. Do you see the applicability by an open issue like "Improvements for partition in-use indication"?

... - because you can't do anything useful with data of an unknown type.)

Thanks for your detailed response.

How would you like to achieve the feature to set a nullable object to the special marker "nothing" while keeping the previous data type information?


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