Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

Hi, Could someone review the build environment (, so we can see what needs corrections/improvements ? (and possibly, if everything is OK, discuss a planning for a release ? ^^)
Tarnyko tarnyko tarnyko net writes:
Hi folks, The Linux cross-compile buildenv for GTK+3 is available for download : GTK+3.4.2_build_system-crosslinux-v1.tar.bz2 It currently only works on CentOS 6.0 x86/amd64, but it's easy to extend to other distros -see tree & scripts in "z_Install". There's no Win64 target yet (have to work on that ), Win32 only for the moment. As for the way the buildenv works, you better read the scripts, but to summarize : it first builds most of the stack statically for Linux, then rebuilds dynamically for Windows using some of the tools compiled before. --------------------- I've put the three buildenvs (win32, win64, cross-linux) on Git : If someone wants to contribute, here is some TODO :
- merge the 3 buildenvs in 1 (should not be hard) ;
- enhance the scripts so they use less hard-coded names ;
- enhance the scripts so they perform better tests, and give more info to the user regarding what's going on.

So we are now able to :
- Compile natively 32-bit GTK+3 from 32-bit Windows ;
- Compile natively 64-bit GTK+3 from 64-bit Windows ;
- Cross-compile 32-bit GTK+3 from 32-bit/64-bit Linux (CentOS 6) ;
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