Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

On 04/13/2013 07:37 PM, tarnyko tarnyko net wrote:

As a majority of you told me it was so easy and effective to cross-compile 
from Linux, rather than doing it navitely on Windows, I finally felt like 
trying it. 

Well, after some hacking... you were right ^^. 

I extracted my GTK+3 buildenv on my favorite Linux distro, installed some 
packages, adapted some scripts, hacked around 2-3 specific problems, and it 
ran just fine. Now I've got a complete GTK+3 Win32 bundle, generated from 

So now we have two fast-identical buildenvs, one for Windows and one for 

Just a drawback : like I previously said, cross-compiling GTK+3 from Linux 
requires to build the stack twice. It's no big deal, just that the Linux 
buildenv has more specific scripts -I'm currently rewriting them. 

I will upload all scripts to Git as soon as I get my account approved. 

Thanks a lot for your advices. 

Thanks for doing all this hard work.  We'll all benefit from in.
Question for you and for other windows GTK developers.  Is it desirable
to continue to compile against msvcrt.dll instead of a more recent,
VS-compatible version?  Is the issue simply one of licensing for the dll
itself (IE distributing it to Linux environments to compile against is
not permitted)?

Of course this problem of incompatible msvcrt dlls goes well beyond GTK.
 All windows projects have to deal with this issue.  A distribution of
Python might be compiled with  VS 2008, and the developer writing C api
python modules might be using VS 2009.  Maybe there's not a good
solution in general.

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