Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

On 2013-04-10 20:19, Marc-André Lureau wrote:
You said, "should first try checking for an environment variable and
then a path relative to the executable.", what environment variable?
PKGDATADIR? Who set it? Is it only for the developper? If you have a
good case for that extra environment variable, I would suggest to
submit a patch to g_get_system_data_dirs(), It does the later, giving
you a list of where to look for the data. So it could easily be
tweaked to look for more locations.

g_get_system_data_dirs() on win32 should simply honor XDG_DATA_DIRS
like it does on any other platform/OS and fall back to FOLDERID_ProgramData
or CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA (depending on windows version).

Something like what I tried to do a year ago [1], before I got
a) much less time to hack on things and b) distracted with g-i
stuff which I'm now desperately trying to finish before working
on anything else.

From what I remember: I stopped working on the branch when embarking
on an attempt to write a KnownFolders.h implementation for MinGW's
win32api package and mingw-w64 equivalent (attached), eventually
to be #included in glib/gutils.c [2]. The being stuck part was properly
testing for the header in with AC_CHECK_HEADER, which
I've not yet figured out how to do (include test passes, compile
test fails, so apparently the header alone is not enough and there's
something else missing wrt the INITGUID stuff)...

If anybody feels like making the KnownFolders.h stuff work (and
getting it in mingw & mingw-w64) and un-bit-rotting that branch (and
getting it in glib proper), please feel free to do so. Don't think I'll
be able to go back working on that for at least another couple of


[1] [2]

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