Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

On 2013-04-10 15:03, Marc-André Lureau wrote:
Interesting, I didn't know (and I wouldn't try, I am cross-compiling
guy :) However, this isn't going to be enough, there are many
variables in .pc which may contain path.

Yeah, projects not re-using the prefix variable when defining other
paths in their .pc files probably need to be fixed. For example
a file having:

    prefix= prefix@
    exec_prefix= exec_prefix@
    libdir= libdir@
    includedir= includedir@

which after evaluation by autoconf's config.status produces
the following .pc file:


is OK.

Also projects not using
pkg-config have the same problems.

Those should obviously be fixed to use pkg-config, right? ;)

Doing a grep under fedora-mingw
sys-root reveals that there are many binaries that refer to hardcoded
path too.

Also needs to be fixed imho... One issue like this I never got to
resolve was hardcoded paths in perl scripts (for GTK-Doc iirc). Python
makes this easy by providing the __file__ builtin, but how to do
something like that in perl has been evading me...

Oh well, nobody said supporting "relocatable installs" for software
usually only expecting to be installed in "/" was going to be
easy :P

In general, it's not going to work if I try to reuse those
cross-builds for doing native build. Fortunately, by now, most of the
runtime is working natively, but there are still corner-cases (this is
still one of the first thing you need to fix when porting a lib/app)

Yeah, it seems there will always be corner-cases, unfortunately...


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