Re: Composite GtkBuilder template

On Sat, 2013-04-06 at 23:59 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
Hey Tristan,

Ok I've spent some hours perfecting this, I had not run the doc-shooter
program before so vigorously but now all of the captures from master
are identical to the ones in composite-templates-new.

thanks for sending this detailed status update. Here is some initial
feedback after playing with the branch for a few minutes:

1. intltool - I don't like it, and really want to avoid adding a
intltool dependency to GTK+. I've attached a small program that can
get the job done for the .ui files in your branch.

2. All the composite dialogs flash black and in wrong size when
mapped. I hope that is just an oversight, and can be corrected. I
don't think we can merge it like that

About the 'flash black' issue, I've verified this is really not
related to composite-templates-new branch.


  o Try the 'Printing' demo which fires up GtkPrintUnixDialog,
    on master or composite-templates-new... in this case it's
    snappy and I don't see any black (with either branch)

    Note that GtkPrintUnixDialog is by far the largest .ui

  o Now in the demo, fire up the 'Tool Palette' demo on
    master or composite-templates-new... in both branches
    I *do* see the flashing black on screen.

    Note that the GtkToolPalette is not implemented
    using composite templates at all.

These observations lead me to believe that the black
flashing issue is not related at all to my branch,
but rather an intricate issue with drawing complex
interfaces all around (I see it sometimes at Glade's
startup which has lot's of widgets), something should
be done to ensure that displaying a new window and drawing
it's contents should be done in the right order.

As for your remark about the "wrong size", this is taken
care of (specifically the GtkFileChooserDefault widget
had some things visible by default which should not have
been, that's been fixed in the last couple hours).

3. The print dialog segfaults.

I found the 'Printing' demo (which I had seemed before) and
addressed the issues.

Actually I was not aware that GtkBuilder ignores the 'swapped'
flag of a signal if the 'object' is not specified in the Glade file.

Instead of the risky route of changing GtkBuilder behavior, I just
added the 'object' parameter to any swapped signals in Glade.

4. The Pickers example in gtk3-demo has issues: the filechooser button
has the wrong height, and the directory chooser doesn't show up at
all. The filechooser also has an empy filter combo that should not be

This is fixed, I had the combo box packed in the wrong place in
GtkFileChooserButton, this also showed up with the doc-shooter.

5. The Color Chooser example in gtk3-demo has issues: the alpha slider
in the color editor has a round knob, instead of a pointy one.

This particular one is tricky, I personally cannot reproduce the problem
as both sliders show up as regular rectangular knobs.

The only trace in GtkColorEditor which is a hint to what is going on
here is that GTK_STYLE_CLASS_HAS_MARKS_ABOVE is specified on the
alpha slider.

And 'scale-has-marks-above' is specified for the alpha slider
in the GtkColorEditor .ui file.

Any hint on what else would need to be tweaked to get the right
theme for the pointy knob ?

6. The button order in the assistant is flipped.

This was a silly error, the buttons were packed with the default
GTK_PACK_START instead of the GTK_PACK_END, this is also fixed.


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