Re: HELP! Widgets drawn in reverse order

On Wed, 2012-05-09 at 16:07 +0800, Barry Kauler wrote:

> The thing is, what mechanism exists in GTK that can reverse the widget
> rendering in that manner? If we know that, perhaps I can find
> somewhere in the gtkdialog source that I can hack to reverse it back
> to normal. That does not look like an rtl thing.

Could be a confusion of pack start and pack end.

Because it changes between architectures, I would consider looking for a
type mismatch the compiler cannot detect, e.g. a vararg handed by
G_VALUE_COLLECT or G_VALUE_LCOPY (uses of g_object_set/get etc.). Have
you passed the wrong size pointer somewhere and are accidentally
overrunning something in such a way that it breaks with the alignment
changes or endianness (although these issues normally crop up for 32/64
bit as well, but you could be lucky depending on alignment).

Danielle Madeley
Senior Software Engineer, Collabora Ltd.

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