Re: HELP! Widgets drawn in reverse order


Please check which locale you're using. Gtk+ does automatic changes in packing direction in some cases, like for rtl-locales. The effect in screenshot is a bit weird, though. Does this happen for all gtk+ apps or just for those written using gtkdialog?



Barry Kauler <bkauler gmail com> wrote:

>I sent the following message to the gtk-app-dev mail-list, but the
>only reply I received was a suggestion that I should ask at the
>gtk-devel list.
>Here is my message:
>I am the founder and current maintainer of Puppy Linux, and I am
>porting Puppy to run on the ARM architecture.
>Puppy can be built using binary packages from another distro, and I am
>currently using the Ubuntu Lucid Lynx arm debs. Success, I have a
>desktop, the apps work.
>However, there is one big show-stopper. We use a utility called
>'gtkdialog', which is like zenity and yad, for creating GUI windows
>from shell scripts.
>Lots of apps in Puppy use gtkdialog.
>The problem is that gtkdialog renders the widgets in a window in
>reverse order. That is, a widget that should be bottom-right, draws
>top-left. These snapshots show the problem:
>This is a generic problem, it happens everytime, for all apps that use
>I sent an email to the current maintainer of gtkdialog, but not yet
>any reply, and there is a note on the project page that development is
>on hold:
>However, I am sure that this problem is something that a gtk developer
>would recognise the solution to immediately. If one of you guys can
>advise me about this, it will be greatly appreciated!
>Barry Kauler
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