Re: HELP! Widgets drawn in reverse order

On 5/9/12, Markku Vire <markku vire iki fi> wrote:
> Hi!
> Please check which locale you're using. Gtk+ does automatic changes in
> packing direction in some cases, like for rtl-locales. The effect in
> screenshot is a bit weird, though. Does this happen for all gtk+ apps or
> just for those written using gtkdialog?

>>However, there is one big show-stopper. We use a utility called
>>'gtkdialog', which is like zenity and yad, for creating GUI windows
>>from shell scripts.
>>Lots of apps in Puppy use gtkdialog.
>>The problem is that gtkdialog renders the widgets in a window in
>>reverse order. That is, a widget that should be bottom-right, draws
>>top-left. These snapshots show the problem:

Thanks for the reply.
The locale is en_US, but not UTF-8. Locale works, there are no errors.

Note, when we run without UTF-8, we also export this, as some apps need it:
export G_FILENAME_ENCODING=@locale

All other apps render correctly, the problem is only with gtkdialog.

Note, this is an ARM-specific problem, gtkdialog works fine on x86
32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Virtually identical Puppy Linux
builds, the only difference with ARM is using binaries compiled for

OK, I have changed the locale to en_US.UTF-8. Same problem.

Note, we are using GTK 2.20.0, the Ubuntu Lucid Lynx binary packages.

Weird problem, hey!

The thing is, what mechanism exists in GTK that can reverse the widget
rendering in that manner? If we know that, perhaps I can find
somewhere in the gtkdialog source that I can hack to reverse it back
to normal. That does not look like an rtl thing.

If you guys don't know, then perhaps there is something inside
gtkdialog that does it, some weird reverse-packing code.

Barry Kauler

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