HELP! Widgets drawn in reverse order

I sent the following message to the gtk-app-dev mail-list, but the
only reply I received was a suggestion that I should ask at the
gtk-devel list.

Here is my message:

I am the founder and current maintainer of Puppy Linux, and I am
porting Puppy to run on the ARM architecture.

Puppy can be built using binary packages from another distro, and I am
currently using the Ubuntu Lucid Lynx arm debs. Success, I have a
desktop, the apps work.

However, there is one big show-stopper. We use a utility called
'gtkdialog', which is like zenity and yad, for creating GUI windows
from shell scripts.
Lots of apps in Puppy use gtkdialog.

The problem is that gtkdialog renders the widgets in a window in
reverse order. That is, a widget that should be bottom-right, draws
top-left. These snapshots show the problem:

This is a generic problem, it happens everytime, for all apps that use

I sent an email to the current maintainer of gtkdialog, but not yet
any reply, and there is a note on the project page that development is
on hold:

However, I am sure that this problem is something that a gtk developer
would recognise the solution to immediately. If one of you guys can
advise me about this, it will be greatly appreciated!

Barry Kauler

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