Re: Building gtk for Win32/gdk-pixbuf problem

Hi Damon,

Some things I think I would let you know to try to help you in the process of using the GTK+ stack on Windows...

>During the make
>process gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders.exe crashes. From what I could determine so
>far, the problem seems to be within query_module() in queryloaders.c when
>resources are freed.

You might need to ensure that you used the same CRT for your build of the GTK+ stack, including dependencies that you built, as far as possible. The crash problem you mentioned seemed like it stemmed from this-if this is the problem, it's not likely that it
will be fixed, to let you know.

Please note that MinGW builds use msvcrt.dll (from Visual C++ 6.0), and it is not really ABI compatible with the CRT that you have from Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010, which use msvcrt80.dll, msvcrt90.dll and msvcrt100.dll respectively, unless you have a special setup to link to the Visual C++ 6.0 CRT (such as using the Windows Driver Kit).

>If I am understanding
>these posts correctly, it looks like there has been some success with
>mingw and MSVC. Now I have a few questions for those who have had success
>in this area.

I can't help you very much with MinGW builds, sorry, since I don't use it...

However, this is what you can do for Visual C++ 2010. In the source packages of GLib, ATK, Pango, GDK-Pixbuf and GTK+ (2.24.10 and 3.4.x), there is a "build" folder is the root directory of these source packages. Look into that folder, and navigate to $(srcroot)\build\win32\vs10, and there are working .sln files to build these packages with the Visual C++
2010 IDE, which works for Express editions as well.

For a more detailed walkthrough on building these and their dependencies, please refer to

Hope this helps.

With blessings,
Fan, Chun-wei

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