Re: Building gtk for Win32/gdk-pixbuf problem

Personally I prefer cross compiling as I find it easier than trying to setup a full dev system on windows.
Let's say for example you need perl and other unix tools at build time but not at runtime in this case all the build deps are easily fulfilled on Linux but not as easy on windows
Anyways take a look at this blog post

Specially the part I used the python scrip to download binaries from the open suse build service.
Suse cross compile gtk and other usefull libs for windows and you should be able to use that with mingw/msys

Juan Pablo 

El 05/06/2012, a las 18:52, Damon Register <damon w register lmco com> escribió:

> I have recently been trying to build a gtk stack on a Win32 platform.  I am
> currently using mingw/msys for this.  Part of the motivation for this effort
> is that the gtkmm all in one installer I was using is now rather outdated.
> With a little effort and Google I was able to find what components I needed.
> I got as far as building gdk-pixbuf where I hit a roadblock.  During the make
> process gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders.exe crashes.  From what I could determine so
> far, the problem seems to be within query_module() in queryloaders.c when
> resources are freed.
> I tried Google but didn't come up with anything about this issue that I could
> use.  I tried compiling with debug so I could use gdb but perhaps I didn't do
> something right because doesn't stop at the crash.  This got me interested
> in the possibility of building with MSVC 2010 since I have that.
> I spent some time looking over messages from this list.  It wasn't until then
> that I realized from an old post that Tor no longer maintains the win32 build.
> I guess I am really behind if I didn't know that until now.  If I am understanding
> these posts correctly, it looks like there has been some success with
> mingw and MSVC.  Now I have a few questions for those who have had success
> in this area.
> 1.  For mingw what is the favored way to build?  Manually, script, etc.?  I
>    did find some scripts from Tor that I am really struggling to understand.
> 2.  Has anyone run into trouble with gdk-pixbuf especially with
>    gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders.exe?
> 3.  Kean Johnston posted that he did the MSVC build with only command tools
>    and not makefiles.  How is this done?
> 4.  I suppose there isn't a nice set of project files and a master solution?
> Damon Register
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