GObjectIntrospection and Autotools

 I have a library based on four modules and currently the project builds as needed, generating all the GObject Introspection files I need. The fact that brings me here is that when I configure the project with 'configure', it prompts me this message for every Makefile including another of my modules:

  Makefile.am:57: variable `Db_1_0_gir_LDFLAGS' is defined but no program or
  Makefile.am:57: library has `Db_1_0_gir' as canonical name (possible typo)

  The thing is that only this variable causes the message to be prompted, but I obviously use the rest of the "library_version_number_gir"-prefixed variables. I think it's only a warning, because the .gir and .typedef compilation works fine (I generate .vapis and compile Vala programs from these), but it's confusing to the users and somewhat bad looking, and I was wondering how to avoid this messages. Can you help me?

  Alex T.

PS: Please CC me, I'm not suscribed to the list. Also, I think I've sent another message almost empty, due to the unexpected use of the 'Tab' key on the web mail client I'm using to write and send this message.

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