Re: glib(win32) without libffi

 Apparently my last mail from yesterday was scatched by an overly zealous
 virus scanner, now the original attachment is manually inlined
At 29.07.2012 15:57, Colin Walters wrote:
On Sun, 2012-07-29 at 15:24 +0200, Hans Breuer wrote:

Given that fixing the showstopper is not deemed to be useful, I should
probably withhold my other fixes as well:

I didn't say "no"; we're having a discussion.  Realistically, so while
I personally *do* care about Windows builds, I find cross-building
with mingw a much saner approach to making Free Software available
for Windows users, though it does obviously hamper our accessibility to
Windows developers.

From my experience with GTK+ on win32 the thing missing for the cross-building people is the cross-debugging ;-)

So going back to the top; there was previous discussion on *this* list
about libffi, but I more meant had you asked on the libffi list.  A
quick google search turns up:

Thanks, I did not find this one. Can't look at the code without google account, though. Admitted I gave up on googling and building libffi after the anticipated time to write my patch passed.

But now I've written my own makefile.msc (attached) for libffi to produce a working library - so the patch can be considered obsolete.

d152bc4 win32: More symbols to be exported from gio

There's no reason not to add independent cleanup fixes though,
particularly if they *also* help cross-mingw builds.  Can you submit
them in bugzilla?


Just closed it as not-a-bug again. It was necessary only due to mistakes in my makefiles. Thanks for all the help.

-- makefile.msc --
# with this file in $(TOP)\libffi\src produce
# static libffi.lib with msvc
# Still the output of a configure is used for
# generated headers
TOP = ..\..
!INCLUDE $(TOP)\glib\build\win32\make.msc

PACKAGE = libffi

	-I x86 -I ..\i686-pc-mingw32 -I ..\i686-pc-mingw32\include -I ..\include

	prep_cif.obj \
	types.obj \
	raw_api.obj \
	java_raw_api.obj \
	closures.obj \
	ffi.obj \

ffi.obj : x86\ffi.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c x86\ffi.c

win32.obj : x86\win32.S
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) /EP x86\win32.S > win32.asm
	ml -c win32.asm

all : libffi.lib

	lib /out:$(PACKAGE).lib $(OBJECTS)

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